Kitchen cabinets Renovation  Home Design Contact us Kitchen cabinets Vancouver. Kitchen renovation Vancouver. Home renovation Vancouver. Kitchen cabinets from Italy.     Buy kitchen now    Kitchen cabinets in stock Kitchen cabinets factory Wood windows and doors Plastic windows and doors Glass italian doors High quality windows and doors High quality wood windows and doors in Vancouver leader in the wooden windows production Materials used in the manufacture of Euro beam window: Pine Larch Oak Oak / pine Exotic tree species (for interior window). Thermal properties. Modern person aspires to expend area of walling which let the light penetrate. Designer’s and architectures’ developments try to correspond with this tendency but this all come to conflict with the necessity of warm keeping. With the help of our windows you can resolve this contradiction. Window production. Production of windows is a very labour intensive process. It requires qualitative raw materials, careful observing of the technologies, availability of-up-to-date industrial facilities and high qualified stuff.  With the new computerized (automated) equipment companies SCM and Omga (Italy), Cefla (Italy), Loewer and cutting tool Leitz (Germany), as well as the use of modern technologies of wood processing specialists we have the opportunity in the manufacture of wooden window approach to each order individually. Besides the fact that the our window are made from environmentally  friendly materials, compounds that are used to cover windows, also  environmentally friendly and harmless. In addition to aesthetics, they  prevent premature aging and deterioration of wood, both inside and  outside, as well as accentuate the texture of wood.  A well-deserved popular wood windows with aluminium coating on the  outer surface (wood-aluminum windows). Aluminum protects the outside  of the box from the environment. Aluminium is the material that is not  subject to corrosion and aging. Modern technologies of polymer powder  paint allow to use almost any color, which makes it into the hands of  designers unlimited benefits when designing the look of the building with  wood and aluminum windows. The polymer coating, when properly  applied it, for what the company is watching, can operate the decade,  with no changes in the properties and color.  Paints Remmers Aluminium coating. The original system of wooden windows with center-hung sash.  These windows are open on an axis in the middle of the window.  The axis can be either horizontal or vertical. The window can be  either square or circular, elliptical configuration. These windows  feature a unique property, they can be rotated 180 degrees to care  for them.  “Tornado” system for wooden windows. “Tornado” system for wooden windows. Shutters. Produce an elegant complement to windows are wooden shutters.  The wooden shutters give a special flavor of mind at home, both outside  and inside.  Shutters retain its charm and functionality when you're inside your  home. This protection from the sun in the heat, protection from  extraneous sounds, beautiful view, and frame windows.  The shutters on your windows - this is a sign of good taste and well-  being of the host, as well as the beauty and elegance of your home. As  a material for the manufacture of shutters used pine and oak, larch.  “Modern” shutters are of three types of attachment:  - On the window frame;  - On a separate manufactured frame for shutters;  - The fixing of the wall (slope).  Installation on the window frame Mount to a wall (slope)  Installation on a separate manufactured frame for shutters   The wooden arched windows. Company mastered manufacturing of products of any complexity  arched and almost any size. Naturally, this can be closed arch, round  window, or an ellipse. There are restrictions on the minimum size that  does not allow the process equipment and the maximum size, which  are dictated by common sense as well as human capabilities are not  limitless, and the cost of manufacture, delivery, installation, can  exceed all expectations.  Angular glass and wooden window. The use of frame glass angle and extends until the broad design and architectural features Sliding systems Due to the large size and weight of sliding sash systems to increase comfort when opening and closing of the valves, our company complements sliding systems such as "Patio Life" electric drive, which lets you open, close the shutter and set it in the mode of ventilation. Control leaf as possible from a stationary and a portable control panel. Increasingly, architects, designers and customers prefer the vitrification of large openings. High and wide window openings let more light, open up more stunning views of the surrounding nature. Wooden fronts are evidence of specific claims to quality. They reflect the individuality of the object at a high level architecture. Flexibility in the design of facade systems, a variety of designs and shapes, exceptional features allow you to implement any technical solutions. Facade design. Wood creates a sense of comfort and material well-being. Aluminum, durable and reliable, assumes the function of protecting the wood from adverse weather conditions. Designed and manufactured translucent facades, winter gardens, roofs, domes, similar to aluminum structures, only the posts and crossbar are replaced by wooden beams, whose cross section is calculated from the dimensions of the design, given the size between the posts and crossbars, wind and static loads. Inside the room is fully visible part of the wooden structures. In the manufacture of doors is used more massive construction, which allows the door to do a large range compared to the window profiles. Just casement 108 * 78mm profile allows installation of various push and special suites designed for overhead loops weight from 120 to 150 pounds for the input group. If necessary, individual cases can offer a version of the valves in a retro style with concealed hinges "Simonswerk BAKA 3D" calculated to 210 kg. In the group of door hardware options are used as standard and is the burglar with the use of bolts or tusks, which gives greater protection against uninvited guests. Along with anti-burglary accessories we offer installation of armored glazing or decorative grilles that serve as a door decoration and protection. Wooden doors. ATX Contracting Inc                All rights reserved 778-869-1072 778-323-1540 North Vancouver, BC V7M 1A2 101-200 West Esplanade   Company has been working at European market of wooden window  constructions since 1997. For this time the company has recommended  itself as one of the leading producers and sellers of window articles. Now  our company a big organization equipped with cutting edge technology  machines, possessing a powerful staff force of about 300 qualified  specialists of different types as well as competent top management.